French music on the national stage. Fr. Poulenc in the interpretative vision of Eugen Verbetsky and Victor Levinzon.

In this article, the author has realized an interpretative analysis of  Sonata for the clarinet and piano written by Francis Poulenc, one of the most famous 20th-century French composers, author of many sonatas created for different instruments. The sound material of this study is an audio record made by the National Public Broadcasting Company “Teleradio Moldova” on the 26th of November 1971, the performers being Eugen Verbetsky, clarinet, and Victor Levinzon, piano, both talented professors at the Moldavian State Conservatory and recognized chamber musicians.

Concert for clarinet and chamber orchestra by S. Buzila, in Eugen Verbetsky's performing interpretation

This article presents an interpretative analysis of the Concerto for clarinet and chamber orchestra by Serafim Buzila carried out on the basis of the audio records made by the State Company Teleradio-Moldova. The recording was made in 1975 by E. Verbetsky (clarinet) and the Chamber Orchestra of the State Company Teleradio-Moldova, conductor — Timofei Gurtovoi.